Dundalk Team


  • Fact – Established 1999 – 2 x offices Dublin and Dundalk
  • Fact – Average length of service of our employees is 10 years
  • Fact – 97% retention rate – in other words, our matching is excellent. Candidate fall out is as low as 3% which means our careful selection process pays and clients know we are meticulous in our selection criteria against their job specification and culture.

  • Fact – We respond to a vacancy within 24 hours to propose potential CV’s – clients are confident in our ability to source them suitable candidates
  • Fact – Our Temp desk responds with 2 hours to bookings – pain taken out of not having a Temp in place for the required period of time.
  • Fact – we’ve consulted with over 20,000 candidates over the past year, which gives our clients a broad database of potential employees!


Referral Bonus

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