A Perfect Presentation

Presentations generally come in the 2nd or 3rd round of interviews. They are a good way to ascertain whether you are suitable for the role or not. The good news is if you are asked to make a presentation you are being seriously considered for the role. You get a chance to show that you have the energy, knowledge and skills required to do the job. Make sure to invest some time in preparing your presentation and you will improve your chances of landing your dream job.



Here are some tips that will help you deliver a job-winning opportunity.


  • Identify questions that will be asked about your presentation and have answers ready for the questions.
  • Ensure your presentation is easy for the audience to follow. A good format is to introduce your topic, develop your ideas and end with a summary and conclusions.
  • If you are using an application like PowerPoint, don’t get caught up in the elaborate features. Focus on the content.
  • If you are using PowerPoint, you should also bring hard copies of the presentation in case there’s a problem with the projector or some other hitch.
  • Resist the temptation to cover everything. You may be best served by focusing on a few significant facts than many trivial ones. This is a judgement call, but know your audience. While it is important to show that you have broad knowledge in the particular area, stay focused.
  • Using process maps can help people visualise your suggestions and may make it easier for them to follow and understand your suggestions. Provide solutions.
  • The audience (probably) knows more than you do about the subject matter, so be careful not to lecture.
  • Prepare well and enjoy the opportunity!


We are available at RecruitmentPlus to discuss your presentation and how you can use the opportunity to make a first class impression. For more information, contact RecruitmentPlus on 01 2788610 or visit www.recruitmentplus.ie  .