Dress for Success



Making the right impression at work


Your alarm goes off at 6.00 am. You groggily get out of bed, brush your teeth, have a cup of tea, and then walk back up to your wardrobe. You fling open the doors, only to discover you have no idea what to wear! Fear not. We’ve got you covered.


The Interview

Every office will have its own dress code, but you probably won’t be familiar with the ins and outs of the dress code until you actually start working there. When in doubt, go with a corporate dress code.


Corporate Environment

What’s a corporate dress code you may ask? This is the standard business suit in a conservative colour. You want to look smart and put together. This look will give you an air of confidence and professionalism.


Business Casual

Whether your corporate office has a “Casual Friday” or you work in a more relaxed atmosphere, you will come across the business casual dress code. The rules are a bit more relaxed, but there still are rules. Make sure your clothing is in good order- no rips or stains. Usually business casual means no jeans or t-shirts. Ties are optional for men.



It’s easy to get dressed when your job requires you wearing a uniform- weather you work in law enforcement, health care or hospitality. Even so, you still need to make sure you have the correct uniform components and that they are clean and in good condition.


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