Hiring Staff in 2020

This year has brought with it some significant changes to most sectors around Ireland. There is no doubt that with such change comes uncertainty as to what’s going to happen. Many employers are not in a position to make long term recruitment decisions, leaving them at a loss. Other trends that are appearing this year are shorter work days, extended remote working and virtual recruitment processes.

As a recruitment agency, all of our consultants are monitoring these trends as we come into the final quarter of the year. As we approach 2021, there are still a lot of uncertainties for the future. However, working with a recruiter can at least keep you up to date and prepared for whatever could happen.


Working with a Recruiter

It is crucial that any employer has the knowledge to make informed decisions that are the best option for them. Recruiters pride themselves on their extensive expertise in their specialised sector. Working with a recruiter will ensure you’re equipped to make important hiring arrangements. We understand that you may not be in a position to make long-term commitments or decisions right now. Nevertheless, planning ahead and looking at all your options may solve your short-term problem. For example, you may not be in a position or have the approval to hire a full-time staff member. There are other options which may solve that problem. Contract and part-time staff are becoming more prominent across various sectors/ industries around the country. Recruitment agencies have access to a wide scope of candidates looking for short or long term positions.


Recruitment consultants are there at hand to advise you on all options available to you. Staying informed of all insights and changes in the market is going to keep you one step ahead. We believe that an honest and upfront approach is what is working best. These are unprecedented times; they call for for transparency and vigilance to keep up to date.


New Hiring Methods

It’s the year of Zoom. No matter how technologically inclined you are, 2020 had everyone picking up a device and using the video call tool. The way in which we approached many aspects of both our professional and personal lives changed. The process of screening and recruiting staff has had to make a shift with interviews being conducted over Zoom. The onus was and is on the recruitment agency to ensure that all consultants are fully equipped with the knowledge to carry out these interviews. For us, it was important that we have advanced IT infrastructure that guarantees that all interviews with candidates run smoothly and without issues.


So, what can a recruiter offer you?

  • Consultants will keep you up to date with new trends and insights, so that you can make the most informed decisions.
  • They can offer multiple solutions for both short and long-term positions.
  • They can assure you that the interview process runs smoothly, even though no physical screening can take place.

Adapting to our new norm and avoiding complacency is how we can make it through these trying and unsettling times. Work with a recruitment agency to plan for the future and make informative decisions for current and future hires.


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