How a Recruitment Agency Can Be the Perfect Partner

How a Recruitment Agency Can Be the Perfect Partner

Like most jobs, a HR or TA’s department’s demands can ebb and flow. Some months are manageable and others might be high-demand and time sensitive. You may not have thought about it, but a recruitment agency can be the perfect partner to help you achieve your targets beyond just filling vacancies. We serve as strategic collaborators for HR departments. In this blog, we will explore how partnering with us can be a significant asset for HR or TA departments in meeting your recruitment requirements.


Through our years of experience, we are skilled at understanding the subtleties of different industries, job roles, and the particular skill sets needed. Therefore, we provide to you a pool of qualified candidates. We do the screening and look to submit candidates who also share the organisation’s values and culture.


Time and Cost Efficiency

We know your time is incredibly valuable. We also recognise an organisation can lose money and productivity each day a position is unfilled. Utilising our networks and databases we can find suitable candidates quickly, which cuts down on the amount of time it takes to fill a position. This allows you to concentrate on other strategic duties, so off-loading the first recruitment phases of 1 or 2 positions can give you back valuable time to achieve other business critical tasks while still achieving a hiring target.


Diverse Talent Pool

We can actively cultivate relationships with a diverse range of candidates giving you access to talent from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and demographics. If diversity is a company focus, we can assist to achieve these goals.


Flexibility in Scaling

Companies can change directions and goals due to internal or external developments or pressures, sometimes at the drop of a hat!  Because of this, Talent or HR departments will have to deal with abrupt increases in demand for hiring. We can quickly fill temporary positions or assist with scaling up, offering permanent solutions or skilled temporary employees that do not add to your head count – invaluable also during hiring freezes.


Market Insights and Benchmarking

Because we talk to candidates and hiring managers daily, we can analyse market trends and benchmarks. RecruitmentPlus is very active within local chambers of commerce as well as being members of the Employment & Recruitment Federation (ERF). We attend job fairs and industry specific conferences. We’ve developed a wealth of knowledge in our respective fields and can share key insights with you whether you have a live role now or are shaping hiring plans for the future.


Why Choose RecruitmentPlus?

RecruitmentPlus was founded on the principle of prioritising people. Established in 1999, we remain committed to putting candidate and client needs at the forefront, creating a niche, specialist agency.

For clients, our service-based approach aims to alleviate stress and save valuable time. By thoroughly understanding a client’s business, needs and culture, we strive not just to find candidates but the ideal fit for each vacancy.

The intricate recruitment process at RecruitmentPlus goes beyond algorithms, relying on experience, market knowledge, intuition, and empathy. Our customer-centric approach underscores a commitment to understanding, meeting, and exceeding the needs of both clients and candidates. Contact us today to learn how a recruitment agency can be the perfect partner for your TA & HR departments.

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