Lorna Ward Celebrates 15 Years with RecruitmentPlus

Congratulations to Lorna on her 15th work anniversary with RecruitmentPlus.

Lorna joined the company in 2006 and since the beginning she has proven herself to be a key player on our team. Lorna started out as a Recruitment Consultant and moved up the ranks to Senior Consultant, then Commercial Manager and now is an Associate Director within the company. Lorna earned each of these promotions through her skilful recruitment processes but most importantly through her dedication to learning about and understanding the nuances of each sector for which she recruits. Lorna’s clients and candidates can rest assured knowing that Lorna wants what’s best for both parties involved. Especially with her candidates, she deep dives during an interview to not only gain an understanding of her candidate’s skill set, but what they truly want for the next step in their career. This results in Lorna finding the right candidates for the right jobs- a perfect fit for both client and candidate.

Another thing that makes Lorna so successful is that she is innovative and always open to learning. One of our core values in RecruitmentPlus is that we are “Constantly Learning: continuously looking for new and improved ways of doing things, combining fresh thinking with over 2 decades of experience to deliver a superior and progressive recruitment offering.” Lorna takes this value to heart and is a great example of this core company value to all of her colleagues. We mentioned above that Lorna is invested in learning about the sectors she recruits for and the career goals of her candidates, but in addition to that, Lorna is constantly working to improve her recruitment methods. Especially during the pandemic, Lorna quickly took to online interviewing and found best practices for both clients and candidates to ensure both sides were still getting the absolute best service from RecruitmentPlus. She also has been studying career coaching techniques to further her understanding of candidate needs. On top of all this, Lorna has created a successful outplacement service which was of great benefit to employees who found themselves made redundant during the worst periods of the pandemic. She helped guide them to find this as a period of change rather than an ending to their current career.

We would be remiss to only talk about Lorna’s strengths from a candidate or client point of view. As a colleague, Lorna is a mentor, a leader, an innovator and a friend. She is the first to volunteer to help someone who needs assistance. When she learns a new skill or process, she always shares this information with the team. She is never too busy to check in on a colleague. She is as fun as she is professional and she flies the flag for RecruitmentPlus wherever she goes. Lorna is a shining example of the best of us. And we are proud and humbled that she has chosen to spend the last 15 years working for us.

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate her long service with us and wish her many more years with RecruitmentPlus.