Thanksgiving in the Office- Top 5

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Five things we are thankful for in RecruitmentPlus


With all the “Black Friday” sales that have made their way across the pond, it’s easy to forget that the big event in the States this week is not a super-sale, but rather Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving takes place in the United States each year on the 4th Thursday of November and centres around a large turkey dinner- not unlike our Christmas dinner here. Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday in 1863 and some claim it was an attempt to unify the country during the American Civil War. To this day, the holiday is about coming together to sit at one table to feast and reflect. It’s a unique holiday as it is non-commercial in its roots. All you really need to celebrate the day is a group of family and friends and a grateful heart.


This is the 13th year we have celebrated Thanksgiving in RecruitmentPlus due to our American Office Manager starting working with us in 2007. We have embraced the holiday in our office and today would like to talk about giving thanks in an office setting.


  1. Co-workers

Where would we be without our work friends and colleagues? We celebrate the ones who know you well and offer a kind word on a difficult day; the ones who support you and your career goals; the ones who taught you that trick in excel which saved you hours of work a day; the ones who rolled up their sleeves and jumped in to help on an overwhelming project. Good co-workers can make your work day bearable and even enjoyable!


  1. Managers

We are so grateful for decent managers. The mood of an office comes from the top down and with an inspiring manager in the lead, you can tackle any task that comes your way. Having someone in charge who can offer advice and leadership gives us confidence in the work we do each day. Most importantly, having a manager who sees their employees as people (and not just worker bees) encourages a decent work-life balance for all.


  1. Accolades

When a company is recognised for the good work they do, it’s down to the team they have working for them. So, a company accolade is really a testament to the work we, the employees, have done. Speaking for RecruitmentPlus, this year we were accredited as an All-Ireland Business All Star company, and our Dundalk office was awarded Best SME in the Louth business awards. In addition to this, we are short-listed for 3 categories in the National Recruitment Federation Awards which take place on 29th November. It is a great feeling to feel recognised for the effort you’ve put in.


  1. Pay & benefits

Let’s be honest, your paycheque is probably the main reason you’re working. And you work hard for it. But it’s still something to feel gratitude for! Our salary pays for the necessities and the extras; the mortgage and the annual holiday. On top of salary, let’s consider any additional benefits we may receive- additional leave, parking, healthcare, flexi-time? A fair exchange of pay & benefits for the work we do is a wonderful thing.


  1. The work we do

A job is actually a wonderful thing. It gives us a reason to get up in the morning and a sense of purpose. A feeling of satisfaction in a job well done can really boost our spirits. When we think about our job as a place to excel in our current skills and learn new ones along the way, we can’t help but feel grateful.


So that’s it- our top five. What are you thankful for today in your job? For the day that’s in it, take a moment to reflect. As the saying goes “a thankful heart is a happy heart”. Of course, if upon your reflection you find that there’s not much to be thankful for in your current job, talk to us. We’d be happy to help you with your career goals.


Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and the start of the festive season!