What are Outplacement Services?

A Guide for Employers

The decision to downsize or make redundancies is never an easy process. Many businesses have been left with no other choice but to make difficult decisions to reduce company costs and stay afloat during a pandemic. It’s safe to say that most businesses have felt the effects of 2020. As employers, we must support staff during challenging times. Offering Outplacement services will help them to get through tough transitions with dignity and confidence. Let’s take a look at what Outplacement involves and how it can actually have a positive impact on all employees and your business as a whole.


What is Outplacement?

Outplacement services (or career transition services) focus on the employee. It’s a service that provides them with the necessary support and coaching during a challenging time in their career. Redundancy can be a stressful and upsetting situation for any employee to find themselves in. With Outplacement services, they receive assistance at each and every stage with the primary goal focusing on finding the employee another position. Many employers are now starting to put more emphasis on outplacement services as part of their redundancy package. Allow your staff to take back control of the situation and their future by equipping them with the knowledge, resources and confidence to return to the job market.


What is Offered in Outplacement Services?

We offer both individual and group programmes. It’s advantageous to offer both, as different employees will need different levels of support. It may also depend on how many staff members are going through this process.


Individual Outplacement Support


Career coaching will provide employees with the support they need to cope with redundancy. The individual may be experiencing a wide range of emotions. Having someone experienced to talk with will be the first step for the employee in taking back control. Another area of focus is self-analysis, using career planning tools. They will be challenged to take an introspective look at themselves, what they want and where they want to go.


Practical Skills & Knowledge

As the main focus of outplacement is to help employees find new positions, there must be a large emphasis on practical elements such as job applications and social media. Some of the areas covered in 1:1 sessions are

  • Career and Life Planning
  • Current Situation Analysis
  • A Life and Career Map
  • Tailoring their CV and professional profile for the current job market
  • Provide tips on how to start their job searches
  • Enhance their Linkedin profile and use it as a job search strategy along with social media to source potential job opportunities
  • Practical goal setting advice and help to develop an action plan
  • Comprehensive work manual for each employee
  • Ongoing support for 3 months


Group Programmes

Group sessions are tailored for up to 10 candidates. They will receive the same advice and support as the 1:1 programme. Each individual will be provided with an Outplacement manual along with the opportunity to avail of 1:1 support for up to three months.


What are the benefits of an Outplacement Service?

When employees receive redundancy news, they are going to feel lost. Some of them may be rusty on how recruitment and job-seeking works. Especially since social media and the internet have become so prevalent in finding employment opportunities. A company that can comfort their employees by providing this level of support are going to feel less afraid of their current situation. It is also going to provide some support to those staying on, as they see the level of care being provided during challenging times.


There are certain benefits of providing outplacement to employees who are exiting the business. Firstly, and as mentioned, it is going to show your support to each individual in an inevitably taxing moment. Not only that though, but it also can:

  • Build confidence
  • Help set goals and create a tailored action plan
  • Support uprooted employees when they’re job searching
  • Provide them with up to date information and knowledge on the job market and current recruitment processes
  • Give them interview practice


So, what benefits can an employer see from providing outplacement services?


By showing your support and understanding to your employees, you’ll maintain a positive relationship with them. They’ll feel that you are dedicated to supporting them and their futures. This is going to make the entire process a lot less stressful for everyone involved.


During this time of unease, the remaining employees may be feeling tense and uncomfortable about what is occurring. Setting the precedent of how you treat your staff will undoubtedly have a positive impact. It can improve retention rates of continuing employees and help to maintain productivity among them.


Brand reputation is more valuable than ever before in the age of social media and online reviews. Maintaining a brand identity that exudes trustworthiness and that of high-principles is something that should be taken seriously. Understandably, your displaced employees are going to be feeling a lot of emotions. Doing what you can, showing that you understand and are there to support employees, will make a big difference.


Similarly to employer brand and reputation, highlighting corporate values through the actions you are taking during ebbs and flows is going to set a company standard that can be expected and respected.


Being proactive throughout each redundancy is going to reduce the risk of legal action. Showing compassion and an eagerness to provide support will, hopefully, help avoid any employees feeling negatively towards the company.


It’s never easy to make these types of decisions. However, I think we can safely say that often we are left with no other choice. After all, employers and companies have to make challenging judgments for the best interest of the business.


Our experienced consultants and Outplacement department are here to provide expert advice and information about your options.


To show our support, we are offering a NO obligation consultancy call which will allow you to discuss discreetly what options are available for your business and answer any queries you may have in relation to this invaluable service. Contact us on 01 2788 610 or email outplacement@rplus.ie