Recruitment Trends 2021

Recruitment Trends in 2021

What Employers Should Know


Staying on top of trends and industry changes is necessary for the growth and retention of any business. As we reflect on 2020 and look forward to the year ahead, we can see that some recruitment trends are developing as a direct result of the changes and disruptions experienced across all industries last year.


Understandably, many of us thought the new year would bring some drastic changes and improvements to not only our industries but our way of life overall. I think we’ve come to realise that it’s going to take more time. However, rather than focusing on things that are out of our control, Recruitment Plus have been reflecting on the positive effects that 2020 had on all industries across Ireland from company focus to recruitment processes.


Our consultants have put their heads together to provide a combined expert opinion and prediction of recruitment trends in 2021.


Remote Work in Demand

In Q2 of last year, at the beginning of what would be a turbulent year, we saw resistance from both the employer and candidates to remote working. For most, this was a completely unfamiliar idea and something difficult to get one’s heads around. How could a team, work together, without actually being together? This was a question on so many minds in March and April of 2020. However, it was an answer that would soon be answered from trial and error and experimentation.


A change that we started to see towards the end of 2020 and continue to see is many more candidates are seeking permanent remote work. As before they may have only considered it in the short term, if at all.


Recruiters and employers alike spent much of last year updating their processes to accommodate for necessary shifts in the workplace such as onboarding and online interviews. With these changes firmly in place and working well, it is evident that employers are more willing to consider hiring remote staff for the long-term. This is one of the most prevalent trends we have seen as a direct result of COVID and one that we don’t see going anywhere, anytime soon.


The Vaccine Rollout & Recruiting

With the vaccine distribution well underway, many employers are looking to a future where business can return to some form of normality. Although there is a widespread demand for remote work, many businesses are eagerly awaiting a time where they can return to their offices and continue as normal. We must remember that although numerous companies operate proficiently in a remote setting, some businesses have been hindered by it or have at least found it particularly difficult.


As a nation, we can finally see some form of light nearing. Employers will be more confident to start the recruitment process again and prepare now to recruit the right employees when the time comes.


Large Focus on Company Branding

Businesses will continue to emphasise their brand identity and the message and impression they give to prospective candidates. Impactful branding can provide insights into your company’s culture, reputation, values and work environment within the company. Providing a clear message can attract valuable and relevant candidates and also deter those that may not be a good fit.


Companies will start to push a more personalised approach. Compassion and understanding was something that employees were not only looking for but needed last year. Showing as a business that each member of the team is cared for and understood not only will benefit the employee but can also help retain staff in the long-term.




Social Media Recruiting

To ensure that company branding efforts are maximised, businesses will keep working at building a strong and consistent online presence. It has now been accepted that social media plays a leading role in attracting the right audience and building positive brand awareness.


Companies will continue to focus on their online presence to strengthen their brand and company reputation. This presence will help to build candidate trust and establish your brand as a reliable and trustworthy establishment.


Understanding your audience is vital to any social media strategy especially when you are present among multiple different platforms. Where candidates and other businesses spend time online may be quite different.



Improved Processes

One thing that has been learned over the last year is that there are alternative, more effective ways to run a business. With new processes tried and tested last year, businesses are now running and operating smoothly and efficiently. This is something that we’ll continue to see and we predict that when the world returns to normal, many of these new systems will stay put for good.



Recruitment Scope Expanding

Work location used to be one of the most important determinants for recruiters, employers and job seekers.


When this factor is removed, a larger scope of candidates become available and interested in hearing of new positions. This can provide job-seekers with more options and employers more relevant and qualified candidates from which to choose.



Final Thoughts

Often our immediate reaction to change is resistance. However, these recruitment trends show that with change comes more opportunity and a chance to grow and progress.


Whether you know where Business will take you this year or not, understanding your options can make all the difference.


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