How Working With a Temping Agency Can Help Get Your Career Back on Track


There are many reasons that you may feel that your career isn’t where you want it to be. Perhaps you are returning to the workforce for the first time since starting a family or taking time out for health reasons. Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your career and don’t know where to turn from here. Whatever the reason you’re looking to get your career back on track, one thing is for sure: there is no time like the present to figure out your next move. Can it be a bit scary? Absolutely. But we cannot get to where we want to be without stepping outside of our comfort zones and trying new things. We want to show you how working with a temping agency could be the answer to discovering or revitalising your career and, most importantly, building back up your confidence in the workplace.

What is Temping?

Temporary employees work for a company for a short period of time. As a temporary worker, you may fulfil a variety of roles, including making up for a permanent employee’s absence or supporting a short-term project in the company. We’ve seen countless times temp employees subsequently becoming permanent hires!
Using a temps agency is the ideal solution for employees who wish to evaluate their career path and determine what is next for them. A temporary job can give you some much-needed grace if your current job isn’t working out or if you’re returning to work after a long stint of absence and lacking confidence in your abilities and skills.

Advantages of Working With a Temping Agency


Boosts Your Confidence

Working as a temporary employee can help to build your career confidence. Often when temping agencies and their clients discuss a role’s requirements, they will focus on your transferable skills and won’t be overly focused on how much similar experience you have. It can give you the chance to learn new skills and try new things which can be really motivating and inspiring. Stepping back into an office environment is naturally daunting, so temping can give you a taste of working life again.

Gain Clarity

It’s ok to admit to yourself that you aren’t 100% sure about what you want. In fact, it’s brave to admit this. Working with a temps agency is going to allow you to test the waters in a range of different sectors and industries. It takes the pressure off making big decisions before you’re ready. Additionally, it can provide you with a prime opportunity to work in an industry that you’ve always been curious about or interested in.

Networking Opportunities

Get your face out there! Especially if you’re returning to work after some time away, you may feel out of the loop completely. Temping provides a wide range of opportunities and allows you to expand your professional network. Once you perform well in the role, you’ll be on management’s radar, which can lead to further longer-term possibilities.

The CV Gap Fear

From working with so many wonderful candidates, we’ve got just about every recruitment-related question there is!! The most common one that we get from those who are returning to the workforce after time away is “How do I explain the gap in my CV history?”. This is understandable. There is often a misconception that taking time off will deter you from landing your dream role. We’re here to assure you that this isn’t the case! Working with a temping agency will help you to perfect your CV and get you “interview ready”. After all, maternity leave isn’t “time off”, having an illness that has left you incapable of working isn’t “time off” and neither is giving yourself the time to reevaluate your future.

Our CV Clinic

We offer some valuable information on our website that will help you construct the most relevant and appealing CV. Our CV Clinic has been created by expert recruiters to help you get hired. Temping will be a great way to add experience and skills that you feel are missing from your CV, which will help build your confidence when searching for a permanent role.

Recruitment Plus: The Temps Agency That Cares

With dedicated temps desks in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, and Dundalk, Co. Louth, we provide temporary staffing solutions throughout Dublin and the Northeast.

Our Values

Customer Focused: We put you as our customer at the heart of everything we do. Our in-depth knowledge and experience allow us to match our candidates with the perfect career. We work person to person as no two candidates are the same. You’re never a number for us, but an individual with goals and aspirations.

Integrity: In order for our business to succeed, our brand and our people must embody the highest standards of honesty and trust, always.

Constantly Learning: We are all students for life. Our team constantly looks for new and improved ways of doing things so that we can deliver a superior and progressive recruitment experience.

Committed: To make a real and measurable difference for both candidates and clients, we are driven by the fulfilment of our success and the desire to do our job well.

Relentless: We do not stop until your goals have been met. By persevering and exploring all avenues, we’ll work hard until we deliver the best results for you.

How to Get Started

So, you’re convinced now that using a temping agency is your next move. What do you do now?

Step One: Find out more information about our temping services
Step Two: Contact our team of expert recruiters to discuss your needs

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