The Power of Finding a Job You Love

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Steve Jobs

He has a point. Essentially, we assume the reality that we will spend a substantial amount of time working. However, what we don’t have to settle for is what we do for work. We’re currently living in an era where we have more choice and accessibility than we have ever had before, right at our fingertips. Largely because of advances in technology, we have the ability to choose a different path should we see ourselves at a crossroads. We all know what it feels like to be really passionate about something. Perhaps it is a hobby, a sport, an instrument, a football team, or even a movie franchise! Imagine for a moment that finding a job you feel passionate about was something you could achieve. You really don’t have to imagine, a career that you love is accomplishable.

At Recruitment Plus, we have seen the true power of finding a job that you love. We wanted to share with you some of the wonderful benefits that you could experience if you dived into the unknown to find that passion. Not only that, we want to share with you how to take those first small steps. We understand it can feel overwhelming and scary to change careers. But what better time than now, right?

Benefits of Finding a Job You Love

It goes without saying that doing something that you love 5 days a week will probably make you happier. There is a plethora of other benefits you could experience from choosing a different career path, including:

Increased Productivity & Motivation

Doing something that doesn’t fulfil you, or worse that you actively dislike, is going to affect every part of your life, not just professionally. It is possible that the unhappiness you are feeling at work is going to spill over into your personal life, your relationships, and how you view yourself.

Those who have found a job doing what they love tend to be motivated and productive in all aspects of their lives. It is only natural for people to desire more of that feeling when they succeed at something they love. So, they are more inclined to pursue other long-term objectives. What this really means is that doing what you love could help you achieve success in other areas of your life.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle

A More Fulfilled Life

We spend way too much of our time working to just consider it a means to an end. Finding a job that fills your cup and makes you happy is going to help you feel that you’re living a meaningful life and not wasting it. Coming home after a hard day’s work should feel rewarding and fill you with satisfaction that the day was spent well. Far too many of us, at one stage or another, have felt the exact opposite of this. Interesting finds released by the Irish Examiner in April 2022 stated, “According to a survey, 55% of workers have fallen out of love with their job in the past 12 months — a 12% increase on last year. Of those, 48% felt stuck in a rut”.

As a recruitment agency that truly cares about employee welfare, we find this heartbreaking to read. We are sure there are many other surveys conducted both in Ireland and abroad, with similar results.

No hardworking person should feel stuck in a rut with their current career. At Rplus, we put so much time and energy into finding the perfect role for all candidates that go beyond salary expectations. Happiness within a role is vital and will have a positive impact on the candidate’s life overall.

Boost Your Chances of Success

The ripple effect of finding a job that you love and are passionate about is that you’ll likely have a lot of success in that role. With the positive energy you’ll bring to each task, you won’t need external motivation to get through each day. Doing work that aligns with who you are, what your values are and what really brings joy to YOU will allow you to perform your role with more ease and contentment.

Less Anxiety & Stress

“The Sunday Scaries”, “The Sunday Fear”, “A Case Of The Mondays”. There are probably several other expressions that offer the same sentiment. As a society, it has become all too acceptable to joke about the anxiety surrounding the work week. Of course, being apprehensive for the week ahead, or a little stressed over an important meeting is normal. However, dreading going to work each week and wishing for the weekend only causes anxiety and a feeling of despair. You really have to ask yourself, why do I feel like this? Perhaps the answer is simple: you aren’t doing something that lights you up and brings you happiness.


How Do You Start Finding a Job You Love?

You know you want to change, but just don’t know how to get started on your quest to find a job you truly love. Don’t worry! We have your back. Let us tell you about how temping could be the answer to finding exactly what you’re passionate about. So, what is “temping?”. A temporary employee is typically a person who works for a business periodically. The business ordinarily pays hourly or daily wages to temporary employees. As there is no permanent contract, you can decide to complete an assignment with as little as a week’s notice.

There are tons of great benefits you could avail of as a temporary employee, including

  • Freedom & flexibility
  • Exposure to a wide range of different industries
  • The chance to try different roles
  • The opportunity to grow your skill-set
  • Gives you the space to figure out what career you want

Temping is the perfect solution for employees who want the time and space to reflect on their careers and find out what’s next. If you have been unhappy in your job or “stuck in a rut”, temporary work gives you some deserved grace, while still making an income.

Give our team a call today to discuss how you could get started as a temp. Seize the moment to change the trajectory of your career. After all, don’t YOU deserve to be happy?

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