The Power of Finding a Job You Love

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Steve Jobs

He has a point. Essentially, we assume the reality that we will spend a substantial amount of time working. However, what we don’t have to settle for is what we do for work. We’re currently living in an era where we have more choice and accessibility than we have ever had before, right at our fingertips. Largely because of advances in technology, we have the ability to choose a different path should we see ourselves at a crossroads. We all know what it feels like to be really passionate about something. Perhaps it is a hobby, a sport, an instrument, a football team, or even a movie franchise! Imagine for a moment that finding a job you feel passionate about was something you could achieve. You really don’t have to imagine, a career that you love is accomplishable.

At Recruitment Plus, we have seen the true power of finding a job that you love. We wanted to share with you some of the wonderful benefits that you could experience if you dived into the unknown to find that passion. Not only that, we want to share with you how to take those first small steps. We understand it can feel overwhelming and scary to change careers. But what better time than now, right?

Benefits of Finding a Job You Love

It goes without saying that doing something that you love 5 days a week will probably make you happier. There is a plethora of other benefits you could experience from choosing a different career path, including:

Increased Productivity & Motivation

Doing something that doesn’t fulfil you, or worse that you actively dislike, is going to affect every part of your life, not just professionally. It is possible that the unhappiness you are feeling at work is going to spill over into your personal life, your relationships, and how you view yourself.

Those who have found a job doing what they love tend to be motivated and productive in all aspects of their lives. It is only natural for people to desire more of that feeling when they succeed at something they love. So, they are more inclined to pursue other long-term objectives. What this really means is that doing what you love could help you achieve success in other areas of your life.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle

A More Fulfilled Life

We spend way too much of our time working to just consider it a means to an end. Finding a job that fills your cup and makes you happy is going to help you feel that you’re living a meaningful life and not wasting it. Coming home after a hard day’s work should feel rewarding and fill you with satisfaction that the day was spent well. Far too many of us, at one stage or another, have felt the exact opposite of this. Interesting finds released by the Irish Examiner in April 2022 stated, “According to a survey, 55% of workers have fallen out of love with their job in the past 12 months — a 12% increase on last year. Of those, 48% felt stuck in a rut”.

As a recruitment agency that truly cares about employee welfare, we find this heartbreaking to read. We are sure there are many other surveys conducted both in Ireland and abroad, with similar results.

No hardworking person should feel stuck in a rut with their current career. At Rplus, we put so much time and energy into finding the perfect role for all candidates that go beyond salary expectations. Happiness within a role is vital and will have a positive impact on the candidate’s life overall.

Boost Your Chances of Success

The ripple effect of finding a job that you love and are passionate about is that you’ll likely have a lot of success in that role. With the positive energy you’ll bring to each task, you won’t need external motivation to get through each day. Doing work that aligns with who you are, what your values are and what really brings joy to YOU will allow you to perform your role with more ease and contentment.

Less Anxiety & Stress

“The Sunday Scaries”, “The Sunday Fear”, “A Case Of The Mondays”. There are probably several other expressions that offer the same sentiment. As a society, it has become all too acceptable to joke about the anxiety surrounding the work week. Of course, being apprehensive for the week ahead, or a little stressed over an important meeting is normal. However, dreading going to work each week and wishing for the weekend only causes anxiety and a feeling of despair. You really have to ask yourself, why do I feel like this? Perhaps the answer is simple: you aren’t doing something that lights you up and brings you happiness.


How Do You Start Finding a Job You Love?

You know you want to change, but just don’t know how to get started on your quest to find a job you truly love. Don’t worry! We have your back. Let us tell you about how temping could be the answer to finding exactly what you’re passionate about. So, what is “temping?”. A temporary employee is typically a person who works for a business periodically. The business ordinarily pays hourly or daily wages to temporary employees. As there is no permanent contract, you can decide to complete an assignment with as little as a week’s notice.

There are tons of great benefits you could avail of as a temporary employee, including

  • Freedom & flexibility
  • Exposure to a wide range of different industries
  • The chance to try different roles
  • The opportunity to grow your skill-set
  • Gives you the space to figure out what career you want

Temping is the perfect solution for employees who want the time and space to reflect on their careers and find out what’s next. If you have been unhappy in your job or “stuck in a rut”, temporary work gives you some deserved grace, while still making an income.

Give our team a call today to discuss how you could get started as a temp. Seize the moment to change the trajectory of your career. After all, don’t YOU deserve to be happy?

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Job search anxiety can be defeated.

Job Search Anxiety: Recruitment Shouldn’t Be Scary.

The weather is getting colder. The nights are drawing in. It’s the time of year for pumpkins, ghosts and goblins. Halloween is meant to be frightening, but recruitment certainly shouldn’t be. So, what should you do if you find yourself in a nightmare recruitment scenario? Fear not, dear reader. We have you covered with tips on how to take the anxiety out of your job search.

Nightmare Scenario #1 – You have to update your CV.

You don’t have to be as prolific a writer as Stephen King to knock out your CV. A CV is a one to two-page summary of your education, skills and experience. Instead of looking at a blank page with absolute dread, think of this as your chance to show how you shine. It may have been a long time since you have done serious writing and you may not know where to start when writing your CV.  This first step causes a lot of job search anxiety. To help with that, we have created this blog to provide valuable tips and tricks on how to write the perfect resume.

Nightmare Scenario #2 – You don’t know where to start looking for a new job.

You can be afraid to watch a scary movie, but there’s no need to fear the job search process. There are many different ways to find a new job. You can look on Indeed or LinkedIn. You can also use your personal network and ask friends and family if they know of any openings in their workplace. Of course, we recommend working with a trusted recruitment consultant who will turn this nightmare into an actual dream. A good recruitment consultant will work with you closely to find the ideal job for you. In fact, you can start your job search here! See? not so scary after all.

Nightmare Scenario #3 – You don’t know how to network.

We mentioned above that you can use your personal network to look for a new job. Having said that, expanding your network beyond friends and family can also expand your opportunities. Networking comes easy to some and not so easily to others. Are you the kind of person who would rather invite a vampire into your home than invite someone out for a cup of coffee and a chat? Did you know that you can learn networking techniques? Read this article from The All-Ireland Business Foundation’s website.

Nightmare Scenario #4 – You’re not prepared for the interview process.

Preparing for a job interview can be daunting, but you have to remember, you’re not meeting face to face with a monster! You are going to be meeting with someone who has already seen your CV and thinks that you might have what it takes to do the job at hand. Your recruitment consultant will go through the specific interview process with you for the company you’re meeting with. You can also check out this blog post where we discuss common interview questions and how best to answer them.

Nightmare Scenario #5 – You don’t know what to wear.

The only thing harder than finding the perfect Halloween costume is figuring out the proper dress code for different work environments. While the old adage “dress for the job you want” is a good rule to stick by, how do you decipher what the difference is between corporate dress and business casual? Your recruitment consultant will know the company you’re interviewing with and will be able to give you guidance in this area. You can also read more about work dress codes here.

Nightmare #6 – You’re worried about your job offer.

First of all, you landed your ideal role. You fought through every nightmare scenario and came out on top. The company has offered the job to you. Congratulations! You don’t have to consult a Ouija board to predict your salary and benefits package. Our recruitment consultants work hard with our clients to ensure the remuneration is suitable for each role and will be upfront with you about what to expect. Your consultant will always work on your behalf to ensure best possible outcome for you and ease all feelings of job search anxiety along the way.

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A recruiter in one of the best recruitment agencies in Dublin

Spotlight on Recruitment

This blog post was going to be entitled A Day in the Life of a Recruiter, but really there is no typical day. No two days are alike because the resource our recruiters are dealing with is people. Their clients and candidates are all people with different needs, wants, personalities, and career goals. All of these differences make for a varied day at work. Read on to find out what it’s like to work for one of the best recruitment agencies in Dublin.


So, what does a recruiter do?

A recruiter- also known as a recruitment consultant- is essentially in a sales role. A client will contact a recruitment consultant and request assistance in finding an employee for their company. Those potential employees are referred to as candidates. The recruiter then matches a candidate to the company’s job vacancy. Simple, right? Well, that’s just a basic explanation of what a recruiter does. As with any job, some people do the bare minimum and others excel in their roles.


What does a good recruitment consultant do?

A recruiter’s job is part human resources, part sales, part marketing, part negotiation but mostly it’s about listening. An important part of the job is the ability to listen and learn the needs of their candidates and work together with them to provide solutions to fulfil those needs. People are at the heart of recruitment. It’s not just a numbers game. It’s not about pulling a report from a database and using that information to fill a role. A CV can tell the basics of someone’s job history, but only in a one-on-one meeting (online or in-person) does a recruiter find out the WHY behind the CV. Why did the candidate take those specific roles to date? Why are they looking for a new job now? What plans do they have for their future career?

The same is true when a recruiter is working with a client. Again, the recruiter is not just working with some faceless company, they’re working with a person who needs to fill a vacancy. A good recruiter will do their best to understand the sector for which they are recruiting. Ideally, the recruiter will have had some real-world experience working in that sector. For example, if they’ve worked in Human Resources before, they will have a unique insight into what a client may need for a new HR Specialist vacancy. Anyone can learn sales techniques, but understanding the ins and outs of a specific sector will make someone stand out as a top recruiter.


What about job satisfaction?

One of the top reasons for job satisfaction in recruitment is the knowledge that the recruiter has made a difference in a candidate’s life. There are few things better than knowing a candidate is in a happier place because you’ve helped them source a new role where their personality is a good fit for the company’s culture.


Recruiters also love their jobs because they get the opportunity to grow their professional networks both with their clients as well as candidates. It’s a very rewarding role but it also requires hard work, resourcefulness, and versatility. A reputable agency will offer a basic salary along with a fair commission structure.


Have you considered a career in recruitment?

If you feel you have the right attitude, determination to succeed, and a winning personality, contact RecruitmentPlus today on 01 2788610. You could work for one of the best recruitment agencies in Dublin!


Not only do we offer a favourable salary, but the following benefits as well:

  • Commission with uncapped commission structure
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • Annual bonus
  • Mobile phone
  • 4 weeks AL which increases with tenure
  • Birthday day off
  • Social events
  • ERF Certificate in Recruitment Practice
  • A great working environment with a team who has been together for over 20 years.

Learn more about our company and culture on our Linkedin page.

Call us today on 01 2788610, visit  or email your CV in the strictest confidence to

Workspace Spring Clean

Minute by minute, the days are getting longer. Day by day, the birdsong grows louder. After what feels like a 2-year long winter, spring is around the corner. Get ready for this hopeful time of year by organizing a spring clean of your workspace!


Define your workspace(s). 

Are you working from home in a spare room? Do you have a desk in your company office? Do you make business calls from your car between sales visits? These can all be defined as your workspaces. You may use one or a variety of these spaces. If you use more than one of these spaces, make sure to “spring clean” each one!


Throw out rubbish/ bring coffee cups to the kitchen. 

Some people are tidier than others, so you’ll know if this applies to you. If you’re the type of person who brings their second – or third- mug of tea to their workspace without clearing up the mug(s) already there, or if your rubbish bin is constantly overflowing, this tip is for you. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. You will be able to focus much more clearly when you’ve cleared your space. Each time you leave your workspace, have a look around to see if there’s anything you can clear from your space. Soon this will be a habit and your desk will never look better.


File away documents and shred what’s no longer needed. 

A place for everything and everything in its place! Now is a good time to set up files for 2022 (if you haven’t done so already) and file paperwork away accordingly- whether you use paper or digitized methods. When you know where all your important documents are located, it saves you time and worry. You should also take the time to see if there is any documentation containing data you should no longer hold on to. Check with your company’s Data Protection Officer and make sure you are up to date with GDPR requirements.


Clean your desktop, keyboard, phone, and more. 

This is probably something you’ve gotten into the habit of over the past couple of years. Even if you wipe off these spaces daily, you’ll want to do a more thorough job for your spring clean. Take note of every surface that you touch in your workspace. Get a soft cloth and an antibacterial cleanser and get to work! Don’t forget places like the armrests of your chair or the switch on your desk lamp. Use caution when cleaning electronic items. You can purchase tech-specific antibacterial cleaning kits online or through most stationery supply companies.


Make this space your own. 

This is the fun part. Some offices may have rules on what you can and cannot put in your workspace. Please keep those rules in mind! Having said that, most will allow you some personal items. Does a certain colour pen inspire you to write better proposals? Then get yourself that pen. Are you more likely to keep a handwritten diary than a digital one? Then make sure you have a diary on your desk. Are you working towards a specific goal? Then maybe hang up a picture of your dream house to remind you why you’re saving up for a deposit. Do you have a dream holiday location? Print out an image of that beach scene or cityscape. You need items that encourage you to work at your best level as well as reminders of why you’re working so hard.


Spring Clean the mind!

Now that your physical space is cleared, time to clear any issues going on in your mind. Are you worried your company won’t offer you a hybrid work scheme? Have you noticed that your salary isn’t quite keeping up with inflation? Are you perhaps ready for a completely new challenge? Contact the consultants at RecruitmentPlus today. The answers to your workplace worries could be just a phone call away.

Focus on 2022

A Proven Technique to Get More Done in Less Time


Was your New Year’s resolution to be more organized and productive? Do you dread the start of each new workday, wondering what lies ahead? Would you like to have more control over your day? Then you need to focus.


What Happens When You Lose Focus at Work?

You become a firefighter. No, not the brave people who run into burning buildings when everyone else runs out… What YOU do is react to crisis after crisis after crisis until all you know is last-minute panic and dread. There’s a proposal due at 9 am tomorrow, and you work all through the night to complete it, hitting “send” at 8:59. You have 100 agendas to print out before a meeting 30 minutes from now, and the printer keeps jamming. The payroll is due at the same time each week, and you find yourself coming up to the wire at every payroll deadline. You see, you manage to get things done; however, not before hitting crisis mode.


You get a gold medal for procrastination. Interestingly, your procrastination will eventually lead to the above fires you constantly put out. It’s a vicious circle. You know this on some level. So why do you do it? There are many reasons why people procrastinate at work. Some examples are perfectionism, anxiety, lack of focus, fear of failure. But remember I said vicious circle. Are you procrastinating at work because you’re burned out from putting out fires? How are you meant to organize your workload if you are in crisis mode?


You use multitasking as a shield. Admit it. Saying you are a multitasker is code for “not only am I a busy person, but I’m busy doing a few things at once.” It’s time to drop the act. Gone are the days where multitasking was considered a skill. Now we know better. Not only is it impossible for you to focus on more than one task at a time, but studies have shown that multitasking can affect your memory as well as cause anxiety. Did that lapse in memory mean you forgot to print those 100 agendas until the last minute? Is that anxiety causing you to procrastinate? I’ll say it again: a vicious circle.


How Do You Break Free?

You need to focus. A good plan will help you do more in less time. Below are some steps to take to ensure you’re stepping into 2022 on the right foot.


Get comfortable with change. Be gentle with yourself and trust the process. Take each step as it comes and allow for the fact that you might be so used to firefighting, procrastinating, and multitasking that changing to a more focussed process will seem strange at first.


Get rid of distractions and multitasking. One option is to set up “focus” time in your MyAnalytics dashboard if you use Microsoft applications. This will show people on Teams and in your calendar that you are focusing and unavailable for meetings. If you are not using Microsoft, many other online apps will assist in helping you focus on the task at hand. You can find these by googling “online focus apps” and choosing the one that is the right fit for you. Many apps are free of charge, or you can pay a small fee to upgrade additional features.


Set goals and prioritise tasks. Now that you are free of distractions, how do you spend your focus time? First, you need to identify your work goals. You can break your goals down by week or quarter or even think big and come up with lifetime career goals. Once you know your goals, you can see the roadmap to where you want to go. The next thing you’ll want to do is list all the tasks you will need to complete to attain those goals. Have a good look at your list. Are some of those tasks time-sensitive? Do some seem more arduous than others? Can you delegate any of these tasks? Prioritize accordingly and make a to-do list.


Find your flow. Some call it flow. Others call it being in the zone. It’s that feeling of being perfectly focussed on one task and working on it to your best abilities. With the help of your focus app, you’re not being distracted. Working from your prioritized to-do list, you’re only working on one task at a time. The last piece of the “flow” puzzle is finding your peak hours during the day. When do you feel most energized? When do you feel creative? When do you prefer to do analytical work? Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you hit the ground running at 9 am but fall victim to the 3 pm slump? Then schedule your most significant tasks in the morning. Do you feel most lively after lunch? Maybe that’s the perfect time to plan your sales calls. Know yourself, recognize your patterns and find your flow.


Are You Ready for 2022?

Hopefully, the above tips will help you keep your New Year’s resolution of being more productive and organized in your job. When you go through the step of writing your long-term career goals, keep RecruitmentPlus in mind. Our consultants can help you focus on the next stage of your career with their proactive approach to recruitment. Contact us today.

Supporting Employees Remotely


Supporting Employees Remotely

There is no denying that we’ve all experienced both professional and personal challenges this year. Continued ambiguity hangs like a cloud over our heads. Providing adequate support, having a proactive approach and ensuring the correct procedures and plans are in place, no matter what happens, is going to be vital to ensure overall employee well-being and business success. Whether you are looking to hire new team members or looking for ways to support and encourage your existing employees, keep reading.


Does the thought of hiring new staff in 2020 make you a tad anxious? It’s understandable. Most companies have a tried and tested onboarding process which HR and employers are used to and are confident in implementing. Onboarding is a vital stage of the recruitment process which shouldn’t be overlooked. Onboarding remote staff doesn’t mean that hiring new employees remotely can’t run just as smoothly as before. Here are some ways that you can make the process a little easier.

Welcome Your New Employees

Make new employees feel welcome even before they start. Send an email introducing the new team member to the rest of the company, encouraging them to say hello. It can be a daunting experience starting a new position, so breaking the ice before they start can be a positive gesture. Suggest 1:1 Zoom or team calls with the new employees closest working colleagues so they get to make a connection with them initially.

Share Essential Information

Here is a list of some important material that you should share with your new team member. We recommend using a file-sharing tool such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Usernames and passwords
  • New email login
  • Communication tools
  • Documents (how-tos)
  • Company staff contact sheet
  • Company policies

It is going to be more difficult for new staff to ask questions remotely, so be comprehensive in the information you provide to them.

Tech Set-Up

It may be tempting to skip or hurry in aspects of the onboarding process to save time. Make sure that technology set up for new staff is not one area you skip. Valuable time could be lost if new staff aren’t properly trained to use the essential tools and technology required. Whether it is you or a tech support employee, make sure to allocate time to run through all the technology needed to fulfil the job.

Outline Clear Objectives and Goals

It has been proven that it takes 90 days for a new employee to learn the “ins and outs” of a company. Take this time to set clear objectives and goals which can be monitored. Having clear communication about expectations will help your new employee stay on track and feel supported.

Provide an Open Channel for Communication

Create a community environment, even when your staff are working remotely. Using tools such as Slack or Asana can help all staff feel connected. Be sure that new employees are aware of how they can contact their line manager or fellow employees, this is vital particularly in the early days in their new position.


As employers, we must always be thinking about our staff’s well-being. Happy, motivated and focused staff are what keep businesses going. We all know this year has been tough. Showing your staff that you understand and that you care about them is going to boost morale as they’re going to feel supported. Here are some ways to continue to keep staff motivated.

Proactive Adaptability

As employers, you need to be ready for whatever is thrown at you. With forever changing restrictions and guidelines, it is vital that a business is seen to be rolling with the punches and doing whatever is necessary to adapt. Keep employee trust and faith by using a proactive and communicative approach – no matter what.

Stay Connected

Ensure there are open channels of communication with the entire team. It can be easy for staff to feel disconnected as they’re not physically in the office. There are many platforms available that are specifically for team management. A popular option is Slack which allows you to have different “channels”. Each channel can be for a different topic such as a project update or something more casual so that all staff has somewhere to go to chat.

Be Sensitive & Understanding

All employees are without a doubt going through their own experiences and challenges. Showing compassion and patience to all staff will help to improve overall morale and well-being. It may also boost motivation and overall job satisfaction if your employees feel supported.


Create clear and obtainable goals for each employee. These goals should be tracked and monitored weekly. This will not only keep staff motivated and focused, but it will also provide them with a sense of achievement. Without clear task intention, employees may lose their drive and interest which are both so important to keep a business going.

Suggestion Box

Why not create an anonymous suggestion box? There are free online tools that you can use to facilitate this. Not all employees are outspoken or confident enough to bring up issues and woes. This is a perfect way to not only show your staff you care but to also improve in areas that are needed.


A happy and supported workforce will only benefit the company and helps to create a great reputation as somewhere that employees are listened to and respected.


Do you need 2020 recruitment advice? Contact our offices here.

Rethinking Redundancy

Redundancy: it’s a situation you never thought you’d face, yet living in unprecedented times leads to circumstances you could not have previously imagined. While being made redundant may feel like a blow to your ego, it’s important to remember that it’s the job being made redundant. Economies ebb and flow and so does the job market. As the old saying goes, when one door closes; another opens. In fact, in the future, you may look on the day you were made redundant as the day you started to forge your own path.


It’s all well and good talking about the future, but even with the promise that things will get better, the sting of redundancy hurts. And it hurts NOW. Below are some immediate steps you can take to ease your transition from your old road to your new path.


  1. Go easy on yourself! Familiarise yourself with the Kübler-Ross change curve (pictured below). That “sting” you’re feeling? It’s most likely shock and it’s completely normal to feel that way. Being aware of your feelings during this time will help you keep a clear head. If you can predict your reactions to this big change in your life, you’ll be able to adapt more easily.



  1. Use this as an opportunity for training and personal development. Are you interested in a different industry than the one you recently left? Perhaps you were in the same role for a long period and want to study up on advances in that area. Going forward, you don’t want to settle for just being competent in your career; you will want to excel in it. Actively pursuing training and development ensures that your knowledge and skills are always relevant. There are many courses available online and across Ireland to brush up on your skills and indeed learn new ones.


  1. Take up a new hobby so work doesn’t define you, or perhaps revisit an old hobby. Our time in lockdown reminded us that having a well-rounded life is important and a real boost to our mental health. In the same vein as personal development, there are courses for a range of hobbies available online. Lose yourself in the latest best-seller; dust off the acoustic guitar; learn a few phrases in a foreign language. Remember that you are more than your job and taking time for yourself to enjoy your favourite pastime is time well spent.



  1. Work on your narrative. You want to forge your own path? Then you need to start by telling your story in your own words. Before long, you will be interviewing for a new job and you will want to be able to showcase what you enjoyed in your last role, what you learned in your last role, and what you want now. Beyond traditional interviewing, you will also want to take advantage of your own personal network. Does your best friend’s brother work at your dream company? Take this time to perfect your “elevator pitch”. Before you can get what you want, you need to know how to ask for what you want.



  1. Take control. Create an action plan and set goals. Update your CV. Decide on how many job applications you will send per day and make sure you send them. Check in with 3 new contacts per week. Keep on top of your LinkedIn profile. Has your old company included an outplacement service with your redundancy package? Take advantage of that service. Be proactive and work with your outplacement co-ordinator.

One day soon, you’re going to look back on this period of your life and be so glad that you never gave up. You may be in a new job or a different career altogether and realise that, while redundancy is a difficult thing to face, this was a turning point in your life. It forced you to take stock of who you are and build a version of yourself based on your own personal values. Change, while unnerving, is an invitation to opportunity. Before today, you were sitting in the passenger’s seat, being driven down a road you were familiar with, but it wasn’t a route of your choosing. Take this time to identify your values, take the wheel, and forge your own path.


Click here for more information on Proactive Outplacement.

The New Normal

On Friday 1st May our Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, announced a 5-phase plan which has given the nation hope and a focus for the coming months.

However, from a work perspective, the majority of employees can expect to work from home for the foreseeable future. So, is working from home the new normal? This type of work is presenting its own issues and challenges for employees. At RecruitmentPlus, our employees have had the option to work from home 1-2 days per week for over a decade and currently all of our employees have been working from home since 16th March. Using this experience, we want to share some of our ideas and top tips that might help you in your new daily working from home routine.

We’ve found the following works best for our team:

  • Agree core hours each day and learn to switch off after your finish time by turning your phone either to silent or off.
  • Create a daily To Do List so you can look back on what you accomplished for the day.
  • Aim to get some daily exercise. Whether it’s a short stroll in the morning, an online yoga class at lunchtime or a more physical workout, daily movement will help clear the head.
  • Arrange a virtual face-to-face meeting. Zoom meetings with teams or a one on one FaceTime with a work colleague help us to stay in touch with one another and to remind us that our colleagues are also trying to come to terms with this new working from home practice.
  • Find your own space to be able to concentrate on your work without interruptions. You’ll find you will be far more productive and your family will learn to understand not to interrupt your new working day.
  • Dress for work each day. Whilst it may be tempting to wear your comfy PJ’s and slippers all day, recent surveys agree that dressing each day does make for a more structured and work orientated mind-set.  Keep it casual if you prefer, but leave the PJ’s in the bedroom.


RecruitmentPlus celebrated 20 years in business in 2019 and was awarded Great Place to Work along with Best SME Louth 2020 and we’re still open for business, albeit working remotely to safeguard our employees and adhere to government guidelines.

We have vacancies across Dublin and the North-East so please continue to reach out to us on 01 2788610 or 0429356910.  Alternatively you can contact us on or

I’d like to say Thank You to our clients and our candidates (Temp, Contract and Perm) for your ongoing support.  A very special heartfelt Thank You to all our front-line and essential workers for the amazing job they are doing on behalf of the whole country in our fight to beat the Coronavirus.

Let’s continue to work together to beat this pandemic and demonstrate to other nations that Ireland will continue to adhere to C19 guidelines and we will soon “reopen for business” and work together to get our economy back on track.

COVID-19 Update

These are unprecedented times for businesses in Ireland. Because of the current COVID-19 situation, our employees have all been set up to work from home since Monday 16th March. We will continue this work from home scheme as requested by the government and we are keeping an eye on this constantly evolving situation. Our number one priority is the health of our employees and in turn their families and the wider community.


We are available by phone and email as usual. Our main and direct dial phone lines will revert to employee mobiles during working hours and all employees can log in remotely. We are committed to keeping continuity of service for our clients and candidates.


Beyond business as usual, we are happy to lend our expertise where we can. As a recruitment agency who has been in business for over 20 years and recently recognized as a Best Workplace, we have a huge array of industry knowledge to help employees and business owners at this time. So, if we can assist in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01 2788610 or mobile 0868314668. Everyone in Ireland is trying to figure out how to best manage their employment or business right now. And we all work better together.


Our Minister for Health Simon Harris has stated the next 7 days are critical in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Let’s all continue to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves, our families and the greater community.


As the old Irish proverb says “Ní neart go cur le chéile”.



Anne Fanthom

Managing Director

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